Tips for Running a Successful Dental Practice

As a dentist, you excel at providing your patients with superior oral care, but this isn’t all it takes to be successful. Creating an exceptional patient experience is what will get you more referrals and help grow your practice. The way you manage your practice is what will create that ideal patient experience and leave a lasting impression.

Be Unique

While all successful dental marketing campaigns have things in common, you need to identify and protect your unique competitive advantages. Whether it’s offering extensive oral health services or a specific specialty like teeth whitening, it is your uniqueness that will attract and retain a large volume of patients. If you want to make the most of your distinctive services, constantly promote them throughout all advertising campaigns and interactions. Customized newsletters, postcards, brochures and social media content are all ways to highlight what makes your practice special.

Offer Flexible Financial Options

All successful dentists should provide patients with a wide range of payment options. This will make your patients more willing to accept treatment recommendations and come back for continuous dental care. In addition to insurance coverage, convenient financial options include debit, credit, personal check and cash, along with any special financing to make sure that personal financial circumstances don’t interfere with dental health care.


If you want to find new patients and retain your current clientele, you need to engage. This is about more than just offering decent service, convenient hours and an accessible location. You need to reach out to your patients on an emotional level by earning their trust and creating lasting relationships. In the digital age, there are countless ways to connect with and reach out to existing and prospective patients. With social media, direct mail and email marketing, it’s easier than ever to consistently show your patients that you really care.

Create Good Office Culture

Office culture is essentially how you run your dental practice. It incorporates your own personality, leadership style, behaviors, values and systems, but it also needs to blend with the way your staff members communicate with each other and with patients. Your office culture has the power to boost productivity, attract high-quality staff and make sure patients keep coming back. An in-depth discussion about office operations and long-term goals will help you create a solid, cohesive culture.

Expand Services

Think about how you can expand your services to improve your practice’s value and strengthen your position against competition. Maybe your production is limited by the size of your office or perhaps you want to start offering more services. Whatever you’re considering, make sure you can afford it. State-of-the-art technology is great, but it needs to come with consistent, high-quality patient care.

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