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Convert more inbound calls into patients!

Sharp Edge University has been built from experience and knowledge of key performance indicators, which are essential in making a practice successful. Our unique curriculum instructs your team on best practices regarding sales techniques, conversion, and customer service — thus giving you the security of knowing that you have an educated, confident team on your side.

A good first impression followed by attentive customer service are essential components that must be executed properly in your practice. Typically, your front office team is the first impression a potential patient gets of your practice. One of the most valuable services that we can offer is proper training and coaching for your team. We work hard to maximize your success in finding new dental patients for your practice — don’t lose them on the phone or before they even walk through your door. We believe that, with a bit of training, your team can be a very helpful resource in acquiring new patients and getting you a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns. Our program will teach your office staff to convert calls into appointments, improve confidence and efficiency, and maximize the bottom line of your practice.

When Growth Matters

We’ve listened to millions of incoming calls to practices across the nation. It is our goal to improve your team’s proficiency in scheduling new patients. With our program you will be able to:

• Turn more calls into appointments

• Increase your phone efficiency and effectiveness

• Optimize your marketing investment

Becoming Sharp Edge Phone Certified

As part of your Sharp Edge Marketing sales order, your team will be automatically enrolled into Sharp Edge University, where they will have the opportunity to become Sharp Edge Phone Certified. We will educate your team on the value of every call and provide resources for how to respond to difficult questions. They will gain the confidence and preparation necessary to help acquire new patients.

After your marketing campaign has been launched, we’ll continue to work with your team to increase performance. We will listen to every phone call to identify whether their goals and objectives are being met. We provide continual feedback to your staff, in addition to providing coaching information based on your team’s needs.

Sharp Edge University includes:

• Sharp Edge University introductory education courses

• Library of information (curriculum, videos, scripting, etc)

• Monthly webinars and continuing education opportunities

• In-office training sessions

• Yearly educational summit

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