Dental Intelligence

Complete insight into your practice data.

Do You Really Know Your Practice?

The most successful dental practices make decisions based on relevant data. But how can your dental clinic be successful when you don’t know where your practice is excelling and where it needs help? How can you make good business decisions when you have to sift through mountains of spreadsheets or attempt to discover the nuances of your practice management software to get the information you really need?

Sharp Edge Marketing has teamed up with Dental Intelligence — the industry leader in practice intelligence software — to give you an unprecedented look into your clinic and provide you with actionable data.

The Dental Intelligence Solution

Sharp Edge is capable of seamlessly integrating your patient management software with Dental Intelligence, giving you in-depth information about every facet of your practice. The information we uncover is presented in an easy-to-use, comprehensive dashboard so that you can work smarter – not harder.

You and your dental staff will be able to see and understand the ins-and-outs of your practice, providing you with meaningful information that can be acted upon to help your office run smoothly. This data will also be fundamental to creating your personalized Sharp Edge Marketing Plan. We want you to achieve your goals – and actionable data is a crucial element in determining how to attain them.

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