Call Tracking

We place a unique number on your card so we know how many calls are generated by your campaign.

Call Tracking System

With the help of your customized dental practice postcard, we can monitor the success of your dental marketing campaign. Each postcard we design carries a unique number that routes to your primary office number. This allows us to monitor your calls in real-time. By tracking the quantity and quality of phone calls, we are able to prove and improve each mailing. The data we derive from these calls motivates future training, coaching and design strategies.

This method has several benefits for your business. Tracking every call creates accountability for us and for your staff.

How it Works:

We start with a unique number on your postcard that reaches your clinic. When patients call the number on the postcard, the call is forwarded to your front desk. We track, record and score the call for you, so you can keep working. When you have a chance or need to evaluate your staff and marketing efforts, you can review and listen to calls using your Practice Dashboard.

By simply tracking the calls you receive from our postcards, we can increase the quantity of patients scheduled on any given postcard mailing. Furthermore, your staff knows they are accountable to certain metrics we’re tracking. The performance of your staff will improve key performance factors as they see their results. All these efforts will improve on key performance indicators that reliably bring in more patients into your practice.

Your Office Call Tracking Solution

By tracking each call that comes into your office, we are holding your staff — as well as ourselves — accountable for your campaign’s success. We believe that:

“When performance is measured, performance is improved. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates.”

Tracking calls is an easy way to increase the quantity of patients that are scheduled for appointments on any given postcard mailing. By informing your staff of the metrics you’re looking for, they can provide top-notch service to potential clients and create new patients. Our dashboard allows you and your staff to track progress of key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, eventually leading to improved conversion rates and more patients in your chairs.

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