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As competition for both dental and orthodontic services increase, it is more important than ever to develop a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy. You’re still asking yourself —

“How much should I plan to budget, annually, for marketing?”

“Where should I allocate those funds?”

And most importantly —

“How do I determine the effectiveness of each marketing dollar being spent?”

You’re not alone. In this marketing toolkit we:

• Highlight the information needed to help calculate how many patients you’re losing each year (Attrition Rate).

• Determine how much it will cost to bring in new patients (Cost per Acquisition / CPA).

• Project how your marketing investment will generate positive returns based on your patient and financial data (Return on Investment / ROI).

• Provide a few sample budgets that vary depending on whether your strategic goal is to do the bare minimum, maintain your current patient count or focus on growing.

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