How to Be Successful in Your Orthodontic Practice

Attracting new patients to your orthodontic practice can seem overwhelming. With the right marketing strategies, you have huge potential to grow your practice. Through social media, online marketing, and direct mail marketing services, you can accrue new patients and increase your monthly revenue by thousands of dollars.

Here are our top marketing tips for creating a successful orthodontic practice:

Exude professionalism

Professionalism should apply to your online marketing, mannerisms and all forms of customer communication. Patients trust you with their teeth, so it’s essential to appear professional and courteous at all times if you want to retain their business. Professionalism can be as simple as practicing excellent front-desk etiquette and always sending follow-up and thank-you letters after patient referrals. Reflect professionalism in your values at all times.

Put patients first

Without patients, you don’t have a business. Make sure your patients and potential patients know that you care. Be upfront about treatments and payment plans and always try to focus on the best option for each individual patient. If you have a patient who feels anxious about visiting the orthodontist, listen to them and try to ease their fears. Communicate with your patients and future patients as if they are your friends. This will help earn trust.

Manage your team

For a successful practice, orthodontists, orthodontic assistants, office managers and receptionists need to work together. Everyone needs motivation to perform to the best of their abilities and participate as a team member. Hold weekly meetings to keep everyone on the same page and always recognize the achievements of your staff. The contribution and importance of all staff roles need to be appreciated and respected.

Make sure you have integrity

Orthodontists sell a service to patients through tools, technology, and processes. If a treatment or experience is non-satisfactory, you need to be willing to listen to complaints. The well-being of your patients should be a top priority, so always be willing to admit to and fix mistakes. At the end of the day, it’s your quality of service that makes your practice successful.

Be strategic

To be a successful orthodontist, you always need to think ahead. You should constantly be receiving feedback and monitoring your practice for new opportunities or areas of improvement. A strategic plan should include all staff relationships, internal and external image, branding, marketing, correspondence and much more. Always be open to new ideas. Flexibility will give you success. Never keep doing something because it is routine.

Use social media

Orthodontists need to be on the forefront of social networking. If you want to attract new patients, social media is absolutely vital. The competition is continuously increasing in the world of orthodontics, so you should prepare a strategic, tactical social networking plan that involves regular updates and responses to keep interest and focus on the practice, staff, orthodontist and patients.

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